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Welcome to Twin Picks, home of the unique sounding double blade guitar picks with the slim-grip design.

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Acoustic soft pack

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Acoustic hard pack

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Electric soft pack

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Electric hard pack

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Acoustic mix pack

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Electric mix pack

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Twin Picks mix pack

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"I used the picks in the studio. We recorded acoustic guitars. I've got a wonderful full sound, reminding me a chorus effect."

Tamas Patai, Republic group, Hungary

"I tried them immediately on my acoustic guitar. They work great, adding a beautiful sparkle to the tone. Regular picks sound dull afterwards."

Kirk Labelle, Ontario. Canada

"To be honest I was skeptical...but it really works, sounds fantastic! Congratulations!"

Frank M. Upsala, Sweden

"I must confess they are very comfortable to play, sounds great and I have all dynamic control in my hand. They are amazing!!!"

Carlos Lichman, Porto Alegre, Brazil

"Sounds really good! On doublesix is unbelievable!"

Gionni Di Clemente, Italy

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