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    Carlos Lichman

    talks about TWINPICKS

    Carlos Lichman talks a little bit about his experience with TWIN PICKS.

    After 20 years of guitar playing,

    Carlos found the ultimate picking style using TWIN PICKS

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It all started with two guys who happened to live in Transylvania, out of all places. Believe it or not, this land reality exists and it's not nearly as scary as you might think. You know, besides vampires, there are real people living here: in this case it was two friends with lots of things in common and lots of things not so much in common, but certainly both sharing a passion for music. That's all it took to get them to start experimenting with new sounds, techniques, tuning, anything to make a difference. Whether it's classical, western, electric, slide or bass guitar, you'll find it in their repertoire, which sums up over six decades of music playing. That's how the idea of Twin Picks was conceived and that is what we would like to share with you now.
What we deliver is the product of a passion for music and quality, in fact we're so certain you'll like our products that we offer a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the show: your own show. Have fun.